School Year is over – Summer plans

The school year is finally over. The summer is important to get some momentum into our projects… here is what we are up to:

Yanqing works on two major fronts: bubble dynamics in magma, studying the uptake of trace element during bubble growth for example. The second line of study deals with the effect of the pore-structure on the non-linear response of flow through a porous medium subjected to transient pore-pressure fluctuations.

Salah works on his multiphase flow experiments, characterizing the transport efficiency for a buoyant non-wetting fluid in a suspension versus in a porous medium. He also works on diffusion modeling in plagioclases with Caroline.

Andrea works on the development of a new multiphase flow lattice Boltzmann model (with Jonas Latt) and also the implementation of reactive pore-scale transport models with Babak. Andrea is also involved with the study of convection and mixing dynamics between different magmas in shallow reservoirs with Caroline.

Babak works on reactive transport at different scales. First studying the relevance of local equilibrium assumptions under different transport regimes and also working on the pore-scale reactive transport model with Andrea.

Caroline works on the Rabaul volcanic system in Papua New Guinea. She is working on diffusion modeling in olivines and plagioclases (using some new numerical tools developed in-house) to constrain timescales for the replenishment of the shallow reservoir. She is also working to understand the complex dynamics in the reservoir.

Wim works on developing a simplified model for the evolution of a shallow magma chamber subjected to recharge, cooling, visco-elastic relaxation, outgassing to study their effect on eruption frequency.